Welcome to SIDRA 2020

The S.I.D.R.A. PhD Summer School is a one-week event organised every year by S.I.D.R.A., the Italian Control Systems Society. The summer school usually takes place in Bertinoro, Forlì-Cesena, Italy, but this year due to COVID-19 emergency the school will be held in telematic mode.

Since the first edition, in 1997, the school has been a meeting place for PhD students, post-graduate and researchers, to be introduced to classical as well as to emerging control theory, enriched by practical case studies and applications. Besides the learning experience, the school also has the ambition of providing a stimulating environment for PhD students to meet and establish professional relationships, collaborations, and know-how exchanges. Every year, two hot topics related to control systems theory/applications are presented, and the participants to the school have the opportunity to suggest the topics for the next year. The summer school is primarily intended for, but not restricted to, PhD, post-graduate, and researcher candidates in the Control Systems and Automatica fields. Participants coming from other disciplines may also benefit from the school depending on the topics discussed. The school success encountered in these years and the distinguished international guests, involved a progressive internationalization of the school that now opens up to receive applications from all the European PhD students.

However, as previously mentioned, the current emergency situation, imposes some modification to the normal scheduling of the activities of this year school. The lectures will be held through telematic media and only a single topic will be presented.


This year theme

The theme presented this year is “Soft Robotic Systems: Modelling, Manipulation and Control“, coordinated by professors Bruno Siciliano (University of Naples Federico II) and Gianluca Palli (Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna),

The second theme initially proposed, “Network Dynamical Systems: Models, Stability Theory and Applications“, coordinated by professors Francesco Bullo  (University of California, Santa Barbara), has been confirmed for the next year.

The “Soft Robotic Systems: Modelling, Manipulation and Control“ course will …. (click here for more info on the course programme).


A brief guide to surf the site

Click on the main menu item More Info to have information about how the telematic lectures will be held and instructions on how to follow them,

Click on the main menu item Registration to have information and instructions on how to apply to the school and the requested fee. Here you can find the pre-registration form to be filled to be admitted to the SIDRA summer school

Click on the main menu item Course Outline to have a look at the school programmes.

Click on the main menu item Course Material to download the material of the school and the homeworks. The material will be provided few weeks before the first school day whereas the homework will be available at the end of the school (for taking a certified exam if required by the home university).

Use the links on the bottom of the page to communicate directly with the Centro Universitario di Bertinoro, that manage the centre where the school take place (only for questions not answered on this site).

On the bottom of the page the email addresses of the coordinators of the school, Prof. Claudio Melchiorri and Prof. Maria Elena Valcher, and of the contact person at the Centro Universitario di Bertinoro, Monica Michelacci.

Please, contact Monica Michelacci for questions related to accommodation and logistics, Prof. Claudio Melchiorri or Prof. Maria Elena Valcher for questions related to the School and the courses.

Prof. Claudio Melchiorri, PhD
University of Bologna
viale del Risorgimento 2
40136 Bologna, Italy

DEI - Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering
☎ +39 051 20 93034

Prof. Maria Elena Valcher, PhD
University of Padova
via Gradenigo 6B
35131 Padova, Italy

DEI - Department of Information Engineering
☎ +39 049 827 7795
✉ meme@dei.unipd.it
Monica Michelacci
Administrative office at
Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro

☎ +39 0543 446500
✉ mmichelacci@ceub.it